Gin-san Discord Bot (OUTDATED)



Gin-san is a Multifunctional Bot with over 200+ Commands!

A Discord Bot with Multiple Features like Music, Moderation, Fun and more!

Getting Started

The steps below will be your guide on how to invite the Bot properly into your server.

  1. Invite The Bot into your server.
  2. Put Gin-san Role on the very top of the roles.
    • So you will not have to worry about having permission errors. The bot has no Administrator Permission and it doesn’t need to have one. But you can freely put the permission if you want to. Don’t worry about setting up the Permissions because it’s already in the Invite Link.
    • Role
  3. All set!
    • All finished! You are ready to use Gin-san.


Gin-san a bot that is made and developed by Zero’#2726

The Bot was aimed to be a Multifunctional Bot that can provide you Fun, Moderation and such which is one as of now! And we want to maintain that as long as we can.

Feature Setup

User Join/Leave message

Phone Call


The Bot Developer hasn’t spent any money not even a single penny on this Bot but it took time and effort. So we do not need any financial support from you but what we need from you is to upvote the bot inorder to attract more user. That’s what we only need and if you did upvote the bot Thank you! Below is the TOP.GG upvote.

Upvote: TOP.GG


Thanks to all the people who helped make the bot Gin-san possible:

These people can help you with your questions and problems related to the bot. You can find them in the Support Server

Thank you!